New York City Dog Owner Suing Man She Claims Sold Her Dog in Exchange for Drugs

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An East Village resident claims her dog walker sold her pit bull in exchange for drugs.

Sugar, a 4-year-old rescue pup, went missing in February while she was in the hands of Tommy Doerr, owner Morgan Bogle’s dog walker for the past three years. Doerr claims that he had an unexpected  “psychotic episode” and can’t remember what happened to Sugar, according to court papers.

Bogle doesn’t think that’s how the story really went down. When Doerr was detained by police officers, he was believed to have PCP, or angel dust, in his possession, Bogle states in court filings. She also believes that Doerr “‘traded’ Sugar to some drug dealers in return for PCP or sold Sugar in order to obtain money to buy drugs.” Bogle thinks that the dog may have ended up in a dog-fighting ring.

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When Sugar went missing, Bogle, a vegan-friendly fashion designer, told anyone and everyone about her beloved dog. She created a viral hashtag #FindSugarNYC, rounded up volunteers to put posters up all over New York City, offered a $10,000 reward, had a billboard on Seventh Avenue with Sugar’s picture on it and talked to the media about her dog – all in hopes she would return.

As of today, Sugar is still missing and Bogle “is rapidly losing hope that Sugar will ever be found alive.” In the lawsuit, Bogle is asking Doerr to pay her $10,000 or return her dog.

Doerr and his lawyer are countersuing Bogle for defamation after she made “false” drug allegations.

“I can tell you there was a drug intake [at the hospital] and it was completely negative, which proves that any allegation that he was on any kind of drugs is completely false,” attorney Mel Ginsburg told The Post.

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