Dog Kept Toddler Safe and Warm for 7 Hours After She Went Missing

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Thanks to her dog, 2-year-old Sophia is safe and sound with her family after she went missing for seven hours.

The toddler and her four-legged friend, a sheepdog named Poppy, wandered away from their home in Victoria, Australia at 7:15 pm.

“She only had a T-shirt and a nappy, she didn’t even have shoes on, because she was just playing around the house here and she just disappeared,” Vera Cook, Sophia’s grandmother, told ABC.

After approximately 40 volunteers and law-enforcement agents combed the 65-acre farm, neighboring properties and woods, the pair were eventually found sat 2:15 am, approximately 650 feet away from a dam.

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The dog played a pivotal role in keeping the little girl safe. Not only is it believed that Poppy helped keep the girl warm (she was wearing very little) but the dog also alerted volunteers of their whereabouts with her bark.

In a statement, the family thanked everyone for their help and said the girl was recovering well.

The grandmother told the outlet, “We’re so glad to have her back and can happily report she is recovering well. As for her loyal puppy, Poppy, she’ll definitely be well fed this evening.”

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