Dog Gets Gold Medal for Helping Nab Rhino Poachers

dog gets gold medal

A special dog used to track down poachers has received an award for his services.

Named K9 Killer, the Belgian Malinois, was recently awarded a gold medal by PSDA, a UK vet charity, for his work with South Africa’s Kruger National Park over the past four years.

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His skills have led to 115 poachers being arrested — a true hero.

“Thanks to him, we are arresting more poachers, but there is a lot more to be done if we are to save the rhino from extinction,” said Killer’s handler, Amos Mzimba, who shares a particularly close bond with the dog after the pup saved him from a shooting poacher. “It is an honour to have Killer by my side. It means a lot that he has been recognised for his skills.”

Killer and Mzimba fly into areas where there is evidence that poachers are around. Once they land, Killer begins tracking down the poachers, with Mzimba following his lead.

While the dog’s efforts have been acknowledged, many worry that it may be too little, too late to save the rhinos, with some researchers estimating the creature may go extinct in the next 10 years.

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Comedian and animal advocate Ricky Gervais presented the award to Killer, stating, “He helped capture dozens of poachers in the last year alone, thanks to his amazing courage and dedication.”

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