Dog Attempts Great Escape From Shelter to Reunite With Owner

Apple Valley Animal Shelter/Facebook

A dog attempts a great escape from a shelter to reunite with her owner.

Named Ginger, the nearly 3-year-old German shepherd was dropped off at a Southern California shelter on Sept. 17 by her owner after he became homeless.

“He was absolutely heartbroken,” Gina Whiteside, Apple Valley Animal Shelter’s director of animal services, told the San Bernardino Sun.

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And apparently Ginger was too. When staff left for the day, the dog attempted to find her owner.

Security cameras caught her leaping out of her kennel AND opening three separate doors.

Go Ginger, Go! Watch this determined and resourceful dog escape the Apple valley animal shelter. She manages to open 3 doors! Ginger was found a few days after her escape, 3 miles from the shelter. She's safe and still looking for a fur-ever home!

Posted by Hetty Chang on Thursday, September 22, 2016

In doing so she triggered the security alarm, which employees initially thought was because of an intruder.

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Ginger escapes 1
Image via Apple Valley Animal Shelter/Facebook

Shortly after her great escape, Ginger was caught by authorities close to where her home used to be.

“We’ve never had another dog do this,” Whiteside said. “We’ve had a couple of dogs jump out of the kennel and staff found them right away,” she added. “But we’ve never had one jump out of the kennel, then open three doors and go out the front.”

Ginger escapes 3
Image via Apple Valley Animal Shelter/Facebook

Ginger is now being held in a more secure kennel. Staff posted her story on Facebook in hopes the attention will help her find a forever home.

“She’s a sweet dog and would make a great companion,” Whiteside told the outlet. “She just needs someone who knows the breed. They are very smart.”

Ginger escapes 4
Image via Apple Valley Animal Shelter/Facebook

For more information on Ginger and other adoptable animals at the shelter, call 760-240-7000 Ext. 7555 or e-mail

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