Couple Travels Cross Country to Adopt Blind Puppy to Be Their Blind Dog’s Brother

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couple adopts blind puppy for their blind dog

After hearing about a blind dog dropped off at shelter, a couple travels cross country to adopt him, so he can be a brother to their other blind dog.

Cassidy Kraus and her boyfriend Brett Weyers fell in love with a blind bulldog they saw on a video online. And once they figured out the pup was in need of home, they knew they had to have him.

Similar to their current dog, Soto, the bulldog was blind due to birth defects. The pup was dropped off at a shelter after the owners said they could not afford to care for him. Staff believes the dog came from a “backyard breeder,” as the puppy was covered in ulcers and feces,  and the condition is believed to be the result of irresponsible breeding. (The dog’s parents are related.)

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“We knew we wanted to rescue a bulldog,” Krauss told Inside Edition. “We hadn’t found one that was the right fit. Then I saw this bulldog. And lo and behold we have such experience with this condition,” meaning blindness.

But there was one problem. They were in Wisconsin and the dog was at the SPCA in Sacramento — halfway across the country. Still, Krauss thought she would give it a shot and put in an application. “I really didn’t think much would come of it because it was so far away,” she told the outlet.

She was wrong: The couple was accepted. So, the couple, along with Soto, made the 32-hour trek out to the SPCA. (If you do the math, that is a 64-hour round trip.)

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Once the two blind pups met, it was love. “They were so excited,” Krauss told the outlet.

Now named Ago, the puppy is still learning the lay of the land at his new home, but just like they used word commands with Soto, they will the same with him.

Check out this video of Ago meeting his blind brother.