City Does Away With Pit Bull Ban After Dog Saves Domestic Violence Victim

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Pit bull lovers are rejoicing in the city of Hazel Park, as the city has just lifted its ban on the breed.

The move came after a pit bull named Ice intervened in a domestic violence situation. According to owner Jamie Kraczkowski, her boyfriend at the time came home drunk and turned violent, shoving her against the wall, according to My Fox Tampa Bay.  It was at this moment that Ice jumped in, grabbed the man’s pants and wouldn’t let go.

When officers arrived, the normal protocol was to euthanize the pit bull but instead allowed the woman five days to move the dog outside city limits.

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This is when dog lovers jumped in and voiced their dismay.

“Pit bills aren’t the problem. The people that own them and raise them are the problem. They’re the ones who need to be put to sleep,” resident Al Bouchard said.

Almost three months later, the city has lifted its ban. With this change, pit bull owners must act in a responsible manner and go above and beyond what other dog owners do including getting a license, having their shots up to date, documentation proving the dog passed a behavioral assessment test and isn’t deemed dangerous, a fenced in yard and insurance.

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H/T My Fox Tampa Bay