Child Pens Letter to Dog in Heaven and Receives Touching Response

After the passing of his beagle Moe, 3-year-old Luke Westbrook, with the help of his mom Mary, would on occasion write letters to his dog.

They would break out the crayons and paper and the notes would typically be along the lines of “I miss you, hope you’re having fun in doggie heaven.” They would then slip the notes in the mailbox to “send” to their pup (addressed to “Cloud One”). After the little boy fell asleep, Marywould retrieve the letters – but one time she forgot, according to an essay she penned in Distinction magazine. Before she could snatch it up, a postal worker “delivered” it to “Moe” and sent the family back a response from the pup: “I’m in Doggie Heaven. I play all day. I am happy. Thank you 4 being my friend. I wuv you Luke.”

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Besides her son being overjoyed, the Norfolk, Virginia resident was also extremely touched.

“The kindness of this stranger gutted me … Receiving the note reminded me of the goodness of people and just how big a small gesture can really be,” Mary wrote in her essay. “Here’s to Moe, in doggie heaven, and thoughtful postal workers everywhere.”

H/T Distinction magazine

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