At CES Motorola Reveals a ‘Smartphone’ for Dogs

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This year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas isn’t just about making people’s lives more high-tech, dogs are getting in on the action, too.

Motorola just unveiled the Scout 5000 at the major tech conference. Sort of like a smartphone for your dogs, this collar allows you to track your pup via GPS, has WiFi connectivity and a 720p camera that sends video to the owners’ smartphone to see what trouble their dog is getting into at home. It also has a microphone to talk to your dog along with “bark detection,” so if your dog is getting too rambunctious, you can hear all about it and tell him to stop his naughty behavior. Plus, it comes equipped with geo-fenecing technology, allowing you to set boundaries for your dog and emitting a high pitch sound if your dog crosses them.  Oh, and it’s splash-,chew- and paw-proof.  To say this is one souped-up smart collar, is quite the understatement.

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From CNET/Nic Healey
From CNET/Nic Healey

But just like any smartphone on the market, this one requires a data plan. Fortunately, the price tag of $199 includes one year of 3G service.

The device will hit U.S. shelves in June, along with a smaller version for tinier pups (and possibly cats) priced at $99. Unfortunately, that one won’t come equipped with a camera.

This isn’t the first time Motorola has dabbled in the pet industry. It also has the Scout 1500, a motion-sensitve camera (also equipped with a microphone) that allows owners to keep track of their pets when they are away from them. It is currently priced at around $200.

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