Budweiser Will Again Tug at Our Heart Strings With Latest Super Bowl Ad

For this year’s Super Bowl commercial Budweiser has a lot of pressure to live up to last year’s success of its Puppy Love ad. And from the looks of a teaser released for this year’s sequel, Lost Dog, it seems like they just may be able to score another touchdown.

“In the spot, the Budweiser Clydesdales will tell an emotional story and help a puppy who has lost his way learn the true meaning of friendship,” Anheuser-Busch says in a statement.

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We can only guess the story, but the images provide a few clues.

Obviously, the famed Budweiser Clydesdales is upset about something. Perhaps, a lost friend?

Lost Dog Budweiser

It seems like the Labrador puppy escapes somewhere and weasels his way through a tight space.

After the newness wears off, the dog realizes that maybe being an escape artist wasn’t such a good idea.

Here are a few more images:

superbowl ad1


superbowl ad2

superbowl ad5

superbowl ad6

superbowl ad hero

All images and GIFs from Budweiser.


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