Born Without Eyes, This Therapy Dog Is an Inspiration to All

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Smiley may not be able to see the grins on people’s faces but that stop him from cheering up all those around him.

The golden retriever was born without eyes and spent his first few years at a puppy mill, before being rescued at the age of one or two.

“He was very scared, [the dogs] had never been out of that barn,” owner Joanne George told ABC News.

But he quickly came out of his shell after bonding with another one of her dogs, a deaf Great Dane named Tyler.

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“Tyler was so bouncy and crazy and happy go lucky and [Smiley] turned into the same dog,” George told the outlet. “He came out from underneath the tables where he was always hiding.”

… just so you know, that he always gets what he wants … and he deserves it.

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After observing his connection with people, how he reacts in crowds and his outgoing personality, George knew he would make the perfect therapy dog.

Smiley now visits hospitals, children and residents in nursing homes, making an impression on those he meets.

George told the outlet about how Smiley had a special connection with a man named Teddy. According to ABC, Teddy can’t talk or communicate and staff have never seen him smile. This changed when Smiley entered the picture.

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“[Teddy] smiled when Smiley got into his vision,” George said

To see what Smiley has been up to, check out his Facebook page.

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