Blind German Shepherd Has Her Own ‘Seeing Eye Dog’ to Help Her Get Around


A German shepherd had to get her eyes removed at a young age. Thankfully she has a special friend to look out for her.

Named Babs and Bart, the two German shepherds, age 3 and 4, respectively, were found abandoned in a Texas parking lot by a local shelter, which reached out to DFW Rescue Me to help them.

When discovered, Babs had glaucoma, a condition that damaged the optic nerve, and had been left untreated. When she came to DFW Rescue Me, it was too late to save her eyes.

Image courtesy of DFW Rescue Me
Image courtesy of DFW Rescue Me

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“They were painful and non-functional at that point, so we opted to remove them,” Jim Wenger of the organization told This Dog’s Life, adding, “They weren’t working anyway.”

And while Babs no longer has her vision, her buddy, Bart, acts as her “seeing eye dog,” making the two inseparable.

Image courtesy of DFW Rescue Me
Image courtesy of DFW Rescue Me

“When she is comfortable they each do their own things in their own areas,” says their foster mom, Laura Cherry. “If she is uncomfortable in a situation he sticks close to her to protect her and show her the ropes. He is always watching her back.

Image courtesy of DFW Rescue Me
Image courtesy of DFW Rescue Me

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For instance, Cherry recalls playing with them a few days ago and Babs took off with a ball in her mouth. She was running straight towards the bird feeder, having no idea it was in front of her. All of a sudden, “Bart came running up behind her and bodychecked her around it just in time — otherwise she definitely would have hit it,” she says.

Image courtesy of DFW Rescue Me
Image courtesy of DFW Rescue Me

The two are now looking for a forever home together, so Bart can always keeps an eye on her. The special bond makes Bart protective of Babs, so there should be no other dogs in the household.

“Their ideal day would include a walk around the neighborhood, a car trip to the coffee shop for puppacinos, a little backyard tennis ball action and being brushed,” says Cherry. “I am so happy so many people are getting to see how special these guys are.”

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To hear more about this pair, head over to DFW Rescue Me.

Here is a video of the two enjoying their special relationship.

Blind German Shepherd & BFF Seeing Eye DogGet ready to fall in love with these two German Shepherds. Babs lost both eyes to glaucoma, so her BFF Bart stepped up. AND, DFW Rescue Me says they could be yours. More –>

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