Battle Heats Up Over $100,000 Inheritance Left to Dog


It’s been six years since her owner passed away and a dachshund is still waiting for her inheritance.

Named Winnie Pooh, the now 6-year-old New York City dog, was promised an inheritance of $100,000 but according to her caretaker, Virginia Hanlon, she has received about $10 a year.

Hanlon filed court papers this week in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court, asking that the executor, Harriet Harkavy, show the trust’s financial records and to pay her the money she is owed for caring for the dog.

Winnie Pooh’s owner, Patricia Bowers, passed away in 2010 and left instructions for Hanlon – her neighbor and friend – to take the dog if anything happens to her. Leaving $100,000 trust for the care of the dachshund throughout the dog’s lifetime, Bowers reportedly instructed quarterly payments to be disbursed to Hanlon. If Winnie passed away before the full $100,000 was released, the remaining amount would go to the Animal Medical Center in Sutton Place.

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According to Hanlon, Harkavy has sent her occasional checks every few months for $2.36 but that is obviously not going to cut it. Indeed, Hanlon says that according to Bowers’ wishes, she should be provided $5,000 a year for expenses and $1,000 for her services. She isn’t receiving either.

Last fall when Winnie Pooh needed surgery, Hanlon had to pony up $6,000 for the bill. When she asked for reimbursement from Harkavy, the first check bounced (eventually it was paid). It is reported that Harkavy also had also refused to hand over medical records, or pay for dog insurance.

Hanlon states that in 2013 Harkavy approached her about splitting the trust: $30,000 for the care of Winnie Pooh and $70,000 donated to the hospital. Hanlon balked at that suggestion, stating that wouldn’t cover Winnie Pooh’s cost, and Harkavy has ulterior motives.

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“What a coup that would have been for Ms. Harkavy,” Hanlon wrote in an affidavit that’s part of her filing, according to DNA Info. “She would have been feted and lauded amongst her Sutton Place friends for advancing the payment for the sake of the charity.”

Harkavy says she has complied with what is required of her.

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Image via DNA Info, courtesy of Virginia Hanlon

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  • I hope the poor pup does not have to pay for the person not owning up to her agreement. He really is a little doll.

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