An Abused Bait Dog Was Found Just In Time, Now Feels Love for the First Time

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Getting lost helped a dog in dire trouble get found.

Late last month, realtor Casey Lawrence got disoriented while showing a property in rural Rock Hill, S.C.

Lawrence stumbled upon a severely wounded pit bull, one believed to be a bait dog dumped after no longer of use. The pit bull was cold to the touch, his body was in shock, and he was surrounded by dog carcasses. If it wouldn’t have been for Lawrence discovering the dog, he would have likely faced the same fate as the deceased animals.

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Image via YouCaring
Image via YouCaring

Lawrence, who also was on the board of directors for Every Life Matters Animal Rescue, acted quickly. Taking the dog to Baxter Veterinary Clinic, staff began working on the dog, now named Rambo.

Once stabilized, a technician began cleaning his wounds in a warm bath, a loving gesture we are guessing the dog never received before.

Rambo 4
Image via Baxter Veterinary Clinic

Despite the trauma, neglect and abuse, Rambo did not give up on humans – he continued to wag his tail and give the staff kisses.

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a bait dog at a vet
Image via Baxter Veterinary Clinic

He was recently transferred to the Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency center to continue his recovery process. He will need to undergo various treatments and surgeries, with his first operations occurring last week. Rambo had to have both his legs amputated below the ankle. It is believed his ankles were tightly bound with ropes, preventing him from fighting back.

Rambo is living up to his name: a fighter. He is doing all he can to show the world he deserves a second chance – he is eating, at ease at the clinic and loves cuddling with his moose stuffed animal.

Rambo 11 use
Image via Baxter Veterinary Clinic

Every Life Matters Animal Rescue and donations from the community have helped cover the costs for Rambo but they, like other rescue organizations, continue to need funds to continue paying for his recovery, along with all the other dogs who need help.

Image via Baxter Veterinary Clinic
Image via Baxter Veterinary Clinic

A YouCaring page has been set up for updates and for those interested in donating. In the meantime, investigators are searching for Rambo’s abuser(s). If you have information, please contact the Rock Hill, SC police at (803) 329-7200.

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