Aggressive Chihuahua’s Whole Demeanor Changes When Reunited With Puppies

Being dumped at a shelter is difficult for any animal, but one dog had it even harder: she had to say goodbye to two families.

When Cora, a Chihuahua, was recently surrendered to Marin Humane Society in California, she was understandably scared. But she was also very aggressive and withdrawn.

The reason had less to do with being separated from her humans and more so that she was separated from her babies. Cora was a mom to 4-week-old puppies, and her previous owners decided to just dump the mom and keep the puppies.

The shelter decided to do something about it. Staff convinced Cora’s previous owners to also surrender her puppies, who were much too young to be away from their mom. It took a little bit of work, but they eventually agreed to do. And Cora was glad they did.

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When they puppies arrived, she was hiding behind a box, but once she realized she was being reunited with her family, her whole personality changed. Ears perked, tail wagging and confidence lifted, she greeted her pups with lots of kisses and love.

The family will hopefully be transferred to a foster home, a much quieter environment than a shelter. Once the pups are of age, they will be available for adoption. As for Cora, she already has a few interested applicants.


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