After Being Separated for a Year, a Mother and Daughter Pit Bull Pair Are Reunited

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Image Credit: ASPCA

After being rescued from awful conditions and finding their forever home, a mother and daughter pit bull pair were recently reunited for a special day together.

In April 2016, two pit bulls were discovered in deplorable conditions in a home in Brooklyn, New York. One being Jamie, who was covered in feces and urine and had painfully overgrown nails, making it hard for her to walk.

The other dog was Zaza, who had infections in both her ears and toes. The NYPD took the dogs to the ASPCA where they began to heal –physically and emotionally — from the neglect they had suffered.

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Zaza was adopted out to Stacey Richman, after two months of recovery and renamed Dani. While Jamie was at the ASCPA for about a year, and during that time she was given her very own special celebration: a day out with officers in New York City. Shortly after her big day, a couple came in and adopted Jamie (now named Lucinda).

Jamie's special day. Image Credit: ASPCA
Jamie’s special day. Image Credit: ASPCA

“We had wanted to adopt for a while, and when we walked into the ASPCA to look, we knew we wanted to rescue a dog that had the slimmest chances of finding a home,” one of her new owners, Einat Lapidot, told the ASCPA. ”Jamie had been in the Adoption Center awhile, and the minute we met her, we knew she was meant to be with us! She’s also completely changed our perceptions of pit bulls.”

After hearing about now Lucinda’s special day with the NYPC and that she found her forever home, Richman wanted a reunion.

Image Credit: ASPCA
Image Credit: ASPCA

“As soon I found out about Lucinda’s existence through the Daily News piece, I immediately called my mom and told her we had to get them back together,” Richman told the organization. “I located Einat and immediately wrote her. She was so receptive and eager to bring the girls back together.”

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It was also during this time, that the ASPCA discovered the two were indeed mother and daughter and were all for the reunion. Because the two may not remember each other and a dog park may not be the best place to meet up, the organization let the two families use their facility.

A taxi driver picked up Lapidot and Lucinda first and then Richman and Dani. “When Stacey and Dani got into the cab, Lucinda [the mom] was so happy!” says Lapidot. “She started licking Dani’s face, ears—everything! She was super excited and happy to see Dani.”

Image Credit: ASPCA
Image Credit: ASPCA

The love fest continued at the facility, where the mother and daughter pair were rolling around, playing and giving each other, and everyone else, lots of kisses.

By the end of their playdate, they were not ready to leave each other. Fortunately, both families plan on organizing another play session for the mother-daughter pair.

Image Credit: ASPCA
Image Credit: ASPCA

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