Abused Pit Bull Caitlyn Gets Completely Spoiled on Special Day Just for Her

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If any dog is deserving of a “Dog’s Best Day” it’s Caitlyn.

The pit bull mix captured the hearts of millions after she was discovered during Memorial Day weekend with her muzzle so tightly taped shut, the circulation was cut off to her tongue.

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During her emotional and physical recovery at Charleston Animal Society, her soul remained strong. She became the poster dog for abused animals and helped raise thousands of dollars to help other animals who have suffered at the hands of humans. She showed us how to persevere, trust and forgive.

“It was violent what was done to her. It was calculated and to see that her scars on her, to me, means she won,” she prevailed, says Kay Hyman, the Charleston Animal Society Director of Community Engagement.”That no matter what he did to her, she was the winner.”

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And the people at Bark & Co, the company behind BarkBox and BarkPost, thought she deserved a special day. So, for their series “Dog’s Best Day,” in which the company spoils a deserving pup, the team pulled out all the stops for Caitlyn. Her day was full of treats, hanging out with her favorite volunteer, fireman Josh Allen, and playing fetch, among other fun activities.

Bark & Co. decided to give Caitlyn’s friends at the shelter a little love, too, so they provided all dogs new blankets, a ton of toys and extra playtime.

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Check out her amazing day in the video below: