Abandoned Dog Saves 10 Puppies and Mom

A stray dog is has been named Hero after he saved the lives of 10 puppies and their mother.

The dog had avoided any human contact quite some time, not allowing people to get close to him — but that all changed this past week, according to CBS DFW.

When Dallas animal control officers arrived, the pup did not run, instead, greeted them and continually barked, encouraging them to follow.

Animal rescuer Marina Tarashevsce was one of the people at the scene and suspected that Hero was trying to tell them that his friend “Mona” needed help. And boy, did she.

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Tarashevsce and others followed Hero and soon began to hear yelping puppies. They discovered 10 shivering pups and an exhausted Mona.

The dogs were rescued and the entire family, including Hero, are being fostered. The puppies will be up for adoption after they have been weaned off their mother.

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