A Woman Dying of Cancer Has Only One Wish: To Play With Puppies

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After Oregon resident Leslee Kirkendall was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, she took out a Craigslist ad with a plea to be surrounded by puppies.

This may sound silly, but I have adored and rescued dogs my whole life…I have stage 4 cancer and one of my last wishes is to simply sit on the floor with a bunch of puppies and play with them for an hour and leave..thats all ..if you have a litter of pups around 8 weeks I can just play with no strings attached or be a bother let me know something in the Milwaukie area..i am 56..and have ovarian cancer ..thank you Leslee

Kirkendall only received two replies: one from someone located in Hillsboro (about a 40 minute drive) and another from an owner that had a pit bull and offered to meet in the park. She declined both offers.

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“It’s not all that complicated,” she told Oregon Live. “They’re sweet and innocent. That’s all. I can come to their house. My husband can drive me. Or they can come to mine. I promise not to be a bother. “

If you have a group of puppies and live in the Milwaukie area of Oregon, please reply to the link at the end of the Oregon Live article.