A Pet Store Pulls a Switch-a-Roo and Replaces Dogs With Rescues From Shelters

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In Brazil, like other places around the world, shelters are inundated with unwanted pets and their outlook can be grim.

“The shelters are usually in bad condition,” says Christianne Duarte Garoiu, the president and founder of Quatro Patinhas NGO, in a video called Priceless Pets. “Animals die of disease and maltreatment or due to overcrowding.”

Well her organization decided to give these dogs (and cats) a second chance: The nonprofit swapped out all the animals for sale at a local pet store for those available for adoption. And they captured customers falling in love with these shelter animals on video.

“I think in the end what really matters is the empathy between a person and the animal,” Garoiu says.

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H/T The Dodo