A German IKEA Has Something Amazing for Dogs

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It seems like there is a news story every day about a dog being left in a hot car while its owner runs an errand. Only to overheat and either become extremely ill or die. Well, an IKEA in Cologne, Germany has made a smart move.

The Swedish furniture retailer has designed individual, doggy parking spots, allowing customers to leave their pups tied up outside the store, while they enter the IKEA maze of goods.

The dog areas are equipped with artificial grass, water bowls and a place to tie them. While it has been around for awhile, we think with all the major heatwaves occurring during the summer months and all the news about dogs in cars, the IKEAs in the U.S. could stand to have one of these areas.

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Main image Flickr/Håkan Dahlström

Image via Flickr/Stephen Coles
Image via Flickr/Stephen Coles