A French Bulldog and Fish Play Kissy Face Every Day

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For years, we have chronicled the unique friendships dogs have with other animal species. There is the Cincinnati zoo dog palling it up with Dale the takin, a pup named Kago befriending Kumbali the cheetah and of course the therapy dog loving his rat bud Riff Rat.  Now man’s best friend has becomes friends with … a fish.

Daisy, a French bulldog, and a Koi fish named Frank can’t get enough of each other.

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Both belonging to the Bredy household in Federal Way, Wash. sparks started flying about a year ago when the family decided to add to its fish school of 10 and introduced Frank to the clan. And something in the way he looked or the positive energy he was emitting caught the dog’s eye.

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“Daisy just started begging to go to the pond — and every single time, Frank comes straight to her,” Carrie Bredy told Komo News. “She ignores the other fish. She goes straight to him. If he’s all the way at the other end, he comes flying across from the water.”

And while it is definitely a tale of star-crossed lovers (Daisy can’t swim), these two make the most of it.

“Daisy licks and Frank has his own special fishy way of kissing – you know, ‘bloop bloop bloop,’ Bredy told the outlet. [He] comes right out of the water and their mouths meet,” Bredy said. “They kiss and they kiss and they kiss.” Bredy has been chronicling their relationship for the past year on Facebook and Instagram.

Daisy & Frank making out again. #interspecieslove #doglovesfish #fishlovesdog #daisyandfrank

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