A Dog Named Snoopy Saves His Family’s Lives as House Burns Down

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An Australia family is alive and well thanks to their dog.

Last Friday, a fire tore through a two-story home near Brisbane as a family slept.

With the fire alarms failing to go off, it was their dog, named Snoopy, who saved the day. The beagle’s barking woke up a father and his two adult children, and they were all able to escape in the nick of time.

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He barked and woke us up,” 7 News Queensland reports in a Twitter video. “We only just got out.”

The fire alarms that were installed did not detect the fire because of the location of the blaze. Other alarms that would have been triggered had been taken down due to cleaning.

Local fire station officer Owen George told 9 News Snoopy saved the family’ life “without a doubt.”

The family had lived in the home for the past 40 years and everything was gone, including a car, boat and his wife’s ashes.

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Back in December, Winter’s wife passed away from cancer. He had planned to spread her remains on the first anniversary of her passing.

Snoopy was a gift to his wife.

“Bill bought this beagle for his wife before she lost her life,” 7 News pointed out. “It saved his.”