A Dog Dragged Into a High-Kill Shelter Will Now Be a ‘Spoiled Princess’

After a video went viral showing a dog being dragged by her owners to a high-kill shelter, a rescue jumped in to save her from death.

Last week, a bystander filmed a dog being dragged into Harris County Animal Shelter in Houston by her family. While the 2-year-old shepherd mix did not want to go into the facility, the family couldn’t have seemed to care less, with the child running around and the mother physically pushing the animal to her death sentence.

Posted by Leslie Ysuhuaylas on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Posted on Facebook to date the video has caught 1.7 million people’s eyes, including the co-founder Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

“It was so disturbing to watch humans have such disregard and disrespect for a living, breathing being that we share this earth with and to watch Maya so frightened, knowing and feeling her fear and rejection,” Rescue Dogs Rock NYC wrote on Facebook.

“We were moved by the video,”Silverstein tells This Dog’s Life about the video. “We immediately contacted the shelter where we are a partner rescue with the shelter and pulled her.”

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Working with a local sister organization, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC brought the dog, named Maya, to the vet, where they found out she had heartworm, needed to spayed and get up to date on shots. Silverstein adds that, “She is very hand shy and nervous, indicating to us she was hit.”

Maya will be staying in Texas until she is medically cleared and then will make her way up north, where Silverstein tells us there are already offers to foster and adopt her.

“Believe me, Maya will be a very spoiled princess going forward,” says Silverstein.

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4 comments on “A Dog Dragged Into a High-Kill Shelter Will Now Be a ‘Spoiled Princess’

  • just “saying”, maybe they should have left the kid AND the bunny slippers and kept the dog? Well, no, they don’t deserve ANY other breathing thing, they are heartless.

  • Family outing….let’s take this dog to it’s death as a family…..won’t cost us anything and the kids will have a blast. Disgusting!!!

  • I strongly agree with Gaby. People who dump sweet pets off at shelters, especially high-kill ones, do not deserve a pet! Thank goodness for these awesome rescues who save these wonderful fur babies!

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