A Crate Just Won’t Do: Dog Gets Very Own Mini Bedroom

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When dog parents are away from home, some dogs will hang out in their crate, others lounge on the couch and a few many stretch out on mom and dad’s bed. But a dog named Mia, none of these will do; she got her very own mini room made just for her.

“I never liked the idea of putting Mia in a crate, so I decided to make a room where she could feel safe while I was at work” owner Van Morris tells This Dog’s Life.

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So, she took the hinges of the closet underneath the stairs and got to work. Inspired by her love of the color pink and chevron prints, Morris transformed the closet into a mini bedroom for Mia.

“I wanted her room to look like a nursery but small enough to make her feel comfortable,” Morris says.

Morris then painted wooden letters to match her pink bed, along with adding a closet for her clothes and basket for toys. It even come complete with its owning cleaning service – a Roomba.

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Mia? Help mommy! There’s an intruder in my room! ? #getout

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And as for the pup, it is all gravy. “Mia loves her room! Every morning before I leave for work, I open the bag of treats and say ‘go to your room’ and she runs in her room and waits patiently for her treat, “Morris says, adding, “We should spoil them with love as they return the favor with bringing us so much joy and happiness.”