$4,500 Reward Offered After Four Dogs Suffer Horrendous Chemical Burns

fergus chemical burns

After four dogs with severe chemical burns were brought into a Lancaster shelter in Los Angeles, a $4,500 reward, funded by PETA and Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue, is being offered for information leading to the arrest of the people that committed these cruel acts.

County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich said he will ask his colleagues to add an additional $10,000 to the reward during their next meeting on Sept. 1.

The dogs all came in separately to the shelter over the last 30 days and officials don’t believe there is a connection but aren’t ruling that these heinous acts are gang related.

“We are getting concrete information as to what happened to two of the four dogs, who were not strays,” the department said. “As we know at this time, none of the four recent attacks appear to be linked to the same person.

Because of the severity of the burns, two of the dogs, both pit bulls, had to be euthanized. The remaining two, a golden retriever named Fergus and a pit bull named Bella, have a long painful road to recovery. The LA County Department of Animal Care and Control is trying to track down the owners of the two remaining dogs for possible answers.

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Despite what they have been through, the two still wag their tails and are friendly to the people caring for them.

Once healthy, these two will be available for adoption.

GoFundMe page has been set up to raise funds for Fergus’ recovery (and is looking to help Bella, too)

If you have any information, call the Department of Animal Care and Control at (661) 974-8096 or L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Daniel Gore at (661) 940-3851.

Here is a video of Fergus and Bella showing they still can love humans.

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