40 Dogs Mysteriously Vanish in North Texas

Lost Dog image by Billie Ward

In the last two months at least 40 dogs have disappeared in Wise County in Northern Texas.

Dog owners have reported to local authorities that dogs have just up and vanished from their yards and porches — and no one can figure out why.

“I’m horrified,” Robin Lewis told an affiliate of NBC after discovering her dog Jack was missing back in December. “It’s been really difficult trying to explain Jack’s gone, and are we ever going to see him again?” said Lewis. “They’re heartbroken.  I’m heartbroken.  My husband’s heartbroken.”

On the same day Jack vanished, Decatur Mayor Martin Woodruff’s two daughter’s dogs, a pit bull and Great Dane, disappeared not far from Lewis’s house.

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The only tip received was a suspicious car spotted after one dog disappeared. Other than that, the authorities have nothing: no suspect, sighting or description.

The possible reasons for these disappearances are all dismal: dog fighting, flipped on Craigslist or sold to a testing facility.

“It’s really disheartening to think that there are people out here that would do this,” said Woodruff.

If you know anything, please contact authorities.

To here more, check out the video below.

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Featured image from Billie Ward/Flickr

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