2 Girls 1 Pup to Celebrate Their Anniversary With a Bang


2 Girls 1 Pup, is celebrating their second birthday in style with a huge bash, and we couldn’t be more excited to attend the festivities.

The night promises a full night of dog-themed comedy acts, games, giveaways and more. Oh, and did we mention the free PUPcorn, cake and PBR beer?

Producer Monique Madrid and her pup Comet are excited to welcome humans and pups to the big bash, held at Tailwagger’s Pet Store on April 3. Guests are invited to pre-party on the red carpet at 7 pm before the show starts at 7:30PM. Tickets are only $5 (cash only!), and all (yes, all!) proceeds benefit the Tailwaggers Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supplies life saving treatments to sick and injured animals.

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This ultra-special show is guaranteed to be a blast! The lineup is jam-packed with noteworthy  names like comedian Ian Karmel (Conan, writer for The Late Late Show with James Corden), magician Justin Wilman (Fake Believe Tour, Ellen), impressionist Melissa Villasenor (America’s Got Talent, Family Guy), comedian Kate Willett (Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Comedy Central), along with other surprise guests.

From last year's event

From last year’s event

Attendees will be treated to birthday gifts like doggie poop bag holders from, Curry N Pepper‘s organic Kapha Paw Balm, gifts from Puppies Make Me Happy, plus coupons and vouchers from Break It Down Dog Training,  Dancing Dog Massage and more.

While the gifts bags are pretty awesome, the raffle prizes are even better! “Our raffle prizes always have a mix of human and dog prizes,” Madrid explains. With that said, attendees will have the opportunity to win goodies from My Perfect Pet, Tailwagger’s Pet Store, I and Love and You dog food, Break It Down Dog Training, Locali Yours, Dancing Dog Massage, and other exciting local businesses. “I just want everyone, including the performers and the dogs to have a good time,” Madrid tells us, adding, that she wants to raise a lot of money for The Tailwagger’s Foundation, too.

Monique Madrid with Comet

Monique Madrid with Comet

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With so much going on for the 2 Girls 1 Pup team, we felt inclined to ask Madrid about the accomplishments she’s been most proud of so far. “Doing the PUPcast is one of my favorite things we’ve done,” Madrid says. “Our relationships with our dogs are so intimate and funny, and the PUPcast gives our audience a chance to hear a side of [comedians and dog-loving entertainers] that they wouldn’t normally hear.” Believe us when we say, the stories, which cover an array of topics on the podcast, are hilarious, heartwarming and educational, and it’s enjoyable to listen to other dog-lovers talk about their furry friends.

“While the PUPcast was a huge accomplishment, I was also thrilled that 2 Girls 1 Pup was invited to be a part of the Riot LA Festival,” she says. “It was such a huge honor, and an absolute blast. We even partnered with The Best Friend’s Animal Society for that show.”

Madrid also added she was proud to be asked to be a presenter at the annual Waggy Awards, an annual event that recognizes amazing people in the animal world and who do work for the The Tailwaggers Foundation. “It was so inspiring and really beautiful to see the hard work and dedication the foundation has put into helping animals in need. It only inspires me to do more!

Next up for Comet, Madrid and the rest of their fun-loving team? “I definitely want to expand the show,” Madrid says. “I’d love to find more performance opportunities, whether it be festivals or one-off shows. There are so many great dog-friendly cities that would love this show, and I feel honored to do it while also raising money for local animal rescue groups.” We also got some insider info that the team is actively trying for a 2 Girls 1 Pup web series or TV show!

With that said, if you’re planning to attend the event, be prepared for the unexpected. Whether it’s a fun game, interrupted set, or something ridiculous the team has no control over, it’s a guaranteed outrageous, silly, and absolutely adorable time. For more information, visit

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By Staci Pearlman

Staci Pearlman is our Los Angeles-based writer, covering local events, entrepreneurs and organizations making a difference in the dog world. When she's not writing, she enjoys roaming the neighborhood, baking, and hiking with her husband and MaltiPoo pup Petey.

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