10-Year-Old Rescues Beagle From a Testing Lab

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After supporting an organization that rescues dogs from laboratory testing, fifth grader finally gets to take home a very special pup.

Eva Brown has been a fan of nonprofit Beagle Freedom Project for months and earlier this year, she put in an application to save a dog that has spent her whole life having products tested on her. A few weeks ago, she got the call she had been waiting for.

“It was like ‘oh my gosh,’ we’re finally getting one and I was really excited,” Eva told WNCN.

Named Cate, the beagle has been slowing becoming comfortable in her new home. Still, Eva is reminded of her past life when she lifts up her ear and and “sees that green tattoo of letters and one number in her ear I think ‘What has she gone through’ and I think ‘We got to stop this.’ I want her brothers and sisters.”

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The family is raising awareness of animal testing in their local community by having Cate wear a bandanna with the words “Ask me where I came from.”

“We like to think we’re making a little bit of a difference just by taking her in and spreading awareness,” Angela Brown, Eva’s mom, told the outlet.

If you would like to learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project, head over to their website. They also have a list of some of the brands that test on animals and app people can use when they are shopping.