How This Dog’s Owner Knew Right Away He Was the One

Owner Marianna first laid eyes on a chihuahua named Miami at a kennel in Rome called “That’s Amore,” and love at first site it was.

“Me and my husband fell in love in a business trip between New York and Miami,” Marianna tells us. “When I saw the name I thought, ‘He is the one…without a doubt.'”

And while little Miami knows he is loved (and spoiled), he likes to give back. “He’s so friendly and sweet to everyone, including strangers,” something very unusual for chihuahuas. In his own unique way, he also kind of feels the need to give back to his parents by being in charge of their wake up time.

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“Miami is a super sleepy little dog. Every morning around six, he wakes up and climbs into bed just to sleep between us. We don’t know why, but is happens every morning more or less at the same time. He’s like a furry alarm clock.”

Yes, Miami is adorable, and he absolutely knows it.

“He’s funny because he acts like a little Derek Zoolander. He strikes a pose all the time we take him a picture,” Marianna says.

Besides our photographer Monique Toro snapping a great pic of Marianna and Miami, here are a few more photos of this pup’s adventures. You can follow this little guy on Instagram: @miami_traveller_dog 


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