Dog Thrown From Roof Is Alive, Torturers Released on Bail


A dog that was videotaped being thrown from a roof in India is alive and on the mend. Her assailants are out on bail.

Two weeks ago a video went viral on social media showing an extreme act of animal cruelty. A smiling man is seen picking up a frightened dog, grabbing her by the neck and throwing her from a roof. You can hear the sound of her crying as she hits the ground. (If you want to see the disturbing video, you can watch it here.)

After the video was shared thousands of times in hopes of seeking justice for the dog, people on social media identified the torturer as Gautam Sudarshan, a medical student at  Madha Medical College, and the videographer is reportedly fellow student Ashish Paul. Once their identities were made public, they fled the area where the violent act occurred, only to later turn themselves in at the urging of their parents and the school. (Update: They have now been suspended from school.)

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The dog, believed to have died, miraculously turned up this week. Investigators were searching in the neighborhood when people in the area showed officials an injured stray they had been feeding, believed to be the one thrown from the roof. It was later confirmed this was the dog that was thrown off the roof. Still, some were unsure if this was the same dog — the fall was pretty far — but local animal activist Shravan Krishnan has assured the public it is the same dog.

In several Facebook posts, he has provided evidence. In one, he brings to readers attention the dog’s injuries, marking and behavior.

In another post after she went to the vet, Krishnan says that her injuries are consistent with older trauma, and the vets also believe this is the same dog.

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Now named Bandha, meaning power or force as in the goddess Bhadrakali, the dog, believed to be only 5 months old, is on the path to recovery. She is currently under the care of a local vet and will spend the next four to six weeks getting better.

As for the men who committed this heinous act, they were arrested and immediately bailed out – causing outrage among animal activists. Under the current law, The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, they may be required to pay as little as 10 rupees and up to 50 rupees, or the cost of cup of tea or notebook.

“There has been constant request from the animal welfare community to reframe the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal act and still awaiting for it,” animal activist Karthik Dhandapani told This Dog’s Life. He believes this latest abuse will hopefully push India to update its animal cruelty laws and to begin changing the perception of how to treat animals.

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