Captured on Video: Rescue of Blind, Senior Dog Living in Well

For at least a month a blind, senior dog had been living alone in a well in Bosnia, surviving off the food scraps children would feed him. But thanks to Good Samaritans, the dog finally got rescued – and the ordeal was captured in a heartwarming video.

Fittingly named Christmas, the dog is in good shape. “Surprisingly, the dog is in fairly good physical condition,” Laura Simpson, founder of the Harmony Fund in Holden, Massachusetts told Good Morning America. “The blindness of course is from a pre-existing condition, but he’s now in foster care and we’re hoping he can find a home there he’s loved and respected in the way he should be.”

The dog had been in the 26-foot-wide well at least a month, with people believing he fell into the well. During his time in the well, the blind dog was kept alive because the children would toss food to him.

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Christmas finally got out of this dire situation after rescuer Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his friend Ratko Koblar heard about the pup. It took mere minutes to save him — and the whole rescue was documented in a video.

After the dog was safe, he was brought to a veterinarian and is now residing in foster care, waiting for his forever home.

“I think there’s another video clip he [Bravo] had sent me where he’s rubbing Christmas’ belly and he was in heaven,” Simpson told the outlet.. “Christmas is a very gentle dog with a very sweet, and forgiving disposition.”

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Check out the rescue:

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